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Tender Technologies, Inc.

           A Quote from

       Poverty in America

"What is so terrible about poverty is that it is more than a condition or a state of being.  Poverty is an infection that destroys from without and from within.  It creates hunger in children’s lives, it destroys health, it reduces productivity, it increases crime, it drives addiction and self-destructive behavior, it causes abuse, it ruins lives, and it creates anxiety, hopelessness, and pain.  And poverty is viral in that it feeds upon itself to create more poverty over generations.

US Poverty Stats

Make no mistake, there is no single social condition more widespread or more dangerous to the future of a society than poverty. Poverty destroys communities and families, and when they are destroyed so is the fabric of a nation.  The issues are complex, the solutions elusive. Let’s not let ourselves be deceived that focusing on the issue for a few weeks and then moving on is going to accomplish anything.  It won’t." by J. Berry

38,146,000 people in the United States live in poverty.

In 2014, 44.6% lived in deep poverty. 

38.7% are single mothers.

The Annual Cost of Child Poverty: $1 Trillion Dollars

Child Poverty Rates (Tyler, Texas):

Grade Level

Nursery School

Grades 1-4

Grades 5-8

Grades 9-12

Poverty Rate





Research shows growing up poor adversely affects a child’s health and their intellectual and social development. It reduces earnings in adulthood and reduces future tax revenue while increasing government social spending.  

Change is not occurring rapidly enough or substantially enough to make a difference to those living in poverty, even with all the programs currently available.

Without a major endeavor that can change these statistics and that gives those living in poverty the ability to change their circumstances, poverty will continue to stagnate and destroy. 

Tender Technologies, Inc. has spent 18 years researching, developing and forming a solution to this Poverty Virus

Through our comprehensive and extensive programs and services, we seek to radically change the face of poverty in the United States.  By bringing our programs to the general public on a sliding scale fee, based on a household’s financial resources, we open new avenues for children and adults to receive advanced vocational training and enjoy exciting recreational programs designed to lower both the poverty rates and the crime rates within our neighborhoods.

The ASPE 2016 Trends Report supports our findings and solutions.

ASPE 50 Year Trends Report 2016

We have ONE Mission:

 To Break the Unending Cycle of Poverty Within Our Communities by Wiping Out the CORE Causes of Poverty

Every dollar spent to reduce child poverty is estimated to yield $7.00 in the future.

That exceeds the return on most private investments. 

We are honored to be able to bring Tender Technologies, Inc. to Tyler, Texas, which will be the home of our Corporate Offices, prior to going nationwide.

 With just our first facility, once open and operational, your donations to the Founding Brick and Mortar Campaign stands to yield a future return of $4,900,000,000 back to the community.

We invite you to be a part of the anti-virus to poverty.

For those with the courage and the faith to rise from poverty:

Reach Out

Take My Hand

I Will Help You All I Can

Don’t Be Afraid of What’s Around the Bend

Together, We’ll Bring the Fear to an End

Hand in Hand™

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