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Tender Technologies, Inc.

An Overview of Our Organization and Future Campus

The main campus for Tender Technologies, Inc. will encompass nearly 100 acres in Tyler, Texas.  It is divided into six main divisions and features the following:

1. The T-Tech Family Entertainment Complex and Recreational Park

This complex features an Indoor and Outdoor Water Park for year-round enjoyment.  Spend the day at our entertainment complex and have fun in our Skating Rink, Ninja Tag Arena, Putt Putt Golf Course, Laser Tag Arena, or race around in our Go-Karts.  If you’re into sports, enjoy our Sports Park with Climbing Walls, Racquetball Courts and Batting Cages.  We will also have Black light Pool Tables, Arcade Games, and Family Movie Nights in our Nalley Center, along with live performances, concerts, and other events.

2. The Tender Technologies Alternative Vocational Training Center

The Alternative Vocational Training Center is centered around our many Exhibits and includes the Nalley Center of the Arts. Each department of our organization is designed to provide extensive, focused classroom curricula and hands-on job training to participants.  Children ages 6 and above can explore a wide variety of occupational fields and receive vocational training tailored to their age groups.

3. Angels Arms Transitional Training Facility

This 400-unit housing complex is a two-year intensive motivational, educational, and vocational training program for single-parent families committed to improving their lives.  Each year, 400 new participants, selected from the surrounding communities, will receive the opportunity to participate in this program.

4. Tender Tech Child Care Center

This center is a fully secured, licensed Early Childhood Education facility providing 24-hour childcare for 300 children and is open year round to the general public on a sliding scale fee.

5. Angels Arms Crisis Relief and Disaster Services Center

This center is our community services division offering crisis relief to those in need.  It includes our Resale/Thrift Store, a Food Bank, and Crisis Services for individuals and families in financial crisis.  The Disaster Services Department provides relief services in the event of a natural disaster.

6. T-Tech Animal Shelter and Wildlife Rescue Center

This center is a No-Kill Animal Shelter devoted to the protection of all animals, both domestic and wildlife.  All animals will receive full veterinary care at our Exotic ER Veterinary Clinic and be spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and groomed prior to entry into our Adoption Program.  Some animals may be chosen for entry into our Service Dog Training Program.  This is a full-service animal shelter offering a Grooming Studio, Animal Day Care, Extended Stay and Obedience Training to pet owners.

The Wildlife Rescue Center works in partnership with local wildlife agencies, zoos, other rescue organizations, and local law enforcement to assist in rescue, treatment, rehabilitation, and where appropriate, release of the animal back into its natural environment.  

The Wildlife Sanctuary is a retirement center for wild animals that cannot be released into their natural environment.

Our Exhibits and Attractions

Journey Into Space


The Under Water Realm

Aquarium Exhibit

The Herp Forest

Reptile and Amphibian Exhibit

The Hatchling Project

Poultry Sciences Exhibit

The Wild Kingdom

Zoological Exhibit

Cowpoke Corner 

Ranch and Agricultural Exhibit

The Laboratory

Science Exhibit 

The Technology Gateway

Computer Sciences Exhibit 

T-Tech No-Kill 

Animal Shelter


Adoption Center

T-Tech Wildlife Rescue Center

and Wildlife Sanctuary

The Exotic ER

Veterinary Clinic

The Nalley Center

of the Arts

Featuring a 2000 Seat




everything related to the Arts

The Jesse Pyles

Agricultural Center





Dairy Farm


Cowpoke Corner Dude Ranch and Summer Camp

Other Attractions

  • Indoor and Outdoor Waterpark
  • Go Kart Racing
  • Skating Rink
  • Ninja Tag Arena
  • Tiny T-Techer's Playworld
  • Putt Putt Golf
  • Trampoline Park
  • Slide Park
  • Climbing Walls
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Laser Tag
  • The Action Arcade
  • Family Movie Night
  • And Much More

These services will be available to the general public on a sliding scale fee or by donation.